What is a Canada Land Surveyor?

Dealing with property issues whether above or below ground, or even in the air, can be stressful between even the most civil of neighbours. Tryon Professional Group can ease the tension with their expertise and capabilities as trusted Canada Land Surveyors belonging to the Association of BC Land Surveyors (BCLS), the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors and the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association (ALSA). Following the highest professional standards to ensure our work is correct, Tryon will take on any land surveying project and successfully complete it from cadastral land surveying to topographical and building location certificate surveys. Tryon’s staff are well equipped and ready to travel anywhere from remote locations to busy urban settings to help address your land surveying needs and provide security on your investment.

What is a Land Surveyor?

According to the Association of Canada Land Surveyors (ACLS),a “Canada Lands Surveyor (CLS) is an expert in spatial positioning and property rights systems” providing the following services:

• Advice and consultation on surveying and boundary matters.
• Property surveys, land descriptions and construction surveys.
• General advice and consultation on all land administration and land management matters.

As a member of the ACLS, Tryon is legally authorized to perform cadastral surveys on a special category of lands called “Canada Lands.”

What is Cadastral Surveying?

Cadastral surveying – also known as boundary or legal surveying – is “the branch of surveying that encompasses all activities related to establishing and defining the extent of a legal interest in land,” according to the ACLS. Also a member of the BCLS and the ALSA, Tryon is able to offer services as governed by both BC and Alberta provincial statutes such as cadastral surveying. Cadastral legal surveys involve the measurement, placement, title descriptions and/or re-establishment of legal boundaries on land, water and air space, according to the BCLS. As a land surveyor, Tryon will establish subdivision of land or buildings, posting of lot corners and right-of-way or easement surveys. Tryon can also advise clients as to how they can acquire both provincial and municipal government approvals for a legal survey and therefore, a new title.

Canada’s Land Surveyor Associations

Multiple organizations across Canada provide licensing for professionals that provide land surveying services across Canada including the three territories, Crown Lands, Federal parks, Aboriginal reserves as well as on and under Canada’s oceans. These include:

In Alberta: Alberta Land Surveyor’s Association

In British Columbia: Association of British Columbia Land Surveyors

For All Canada Lands: Association of Canada Lands Surveyors

In Manitoba: Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors

In New Brunswick: Association of New Brunswick Land Surveyors

In Newfoundland and Labrador: Association of Newfoundland Land Surveyors

In Nova Scotia: Association of Nova Scotia Land Surveyors

In Ontario: Association of Ontario Land Surveyors

In Prince Edward Island: Association of Prince Edward Island Land Surveyors

In Québec: Ordre des arpenteurs-géomètres du Québec

In Saskatchewan: Saskatchewan Land Surveyors’ Association

Land Surveying Projects

Tryon has had the opportunity to provide land surveying services to:

Fort Nelson North Processing Facility
This project included the construction of a large natural gas processing plant which required surveying tasks including:  
• Earthworks layout and as-built for road, drainage and general site construction, and material volume calculation.
• Monitoring and quality control including material volume reports, location and elevation accuracy reports.
• Structural layout and as-built for piles, concrete and building locations.
• Survey control setup and maintenance. 

Fort Nelson Generating Station

The goal of this project was to construct a new steam powered generator and substation extension for the Fort Nelson Generating Station. The surveying tasks for this project included survey control setup and maintenance, construction layout, and providing as-built data.

• As-built data provided included 3D data on the turbine exhaust system to determine building column locations with respect to design coordinates.
• Construction layout tasks ranged from determining pile, foundation and anchor bolt locations and elevations to using precise levelling techniques to provide an accurate elevation for features of the turbine system.
• Control was set up using horizontal traversing and levelling techniques and was adjusted using appropriate procedures.

Pine River Crossing in Chetwynd, BC

The focus of the Pine River project was to determine specific locations on an underground pipeline beneath a river to see if the pipeline walls were suffering from erosion.
This project involved: 
• As-built data was provided to show the footprint of the project to determine the environmental effects of the work undertaken.
• Pipeline locating involved using a combination of a pipe locator and RTK GPS to determine the locations of where the pipeline was thought to be eroding.
• Temporary structure layout included the layout of a temporary bridge for access purposes, and layout of the temporary dam allowing the pipe under the river bed to be excavated.

Quality Wind Project in Tumbler Ridge, BC

The goal of this project was the construction of wind turbines, transmission lines and a substation for power generating purposes.  
Surveying tasks for this project included:
• Construction layout for substation structures.
• Line flagging and tree height measurements were undertaken to determine the location of clearings for the transmission lines and turbine locations.
• Monitoring of the concrete wind turbine bases using precise levelling techniques.

Tryon Professional Group offers a broad range of residential and commercial surveying services. Contact Tryon today for your land surveying needs.