Tryon Engineering Achieves CCIL Certification for In-House Lab Testing

Tryon Professional Group, with offices in Dawson Creek and Fort St. John BC, offers Professional Land Surveying, Engineering, Material Testing, Line Locating and Construction Management Services to Residential, Commercial and Industrial clients in Western Canada. Tryon specializes in crown and private land development, as well as servicing industry operations and development.

In early 2018, Tryon Engineering achieved full certification with the Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL) to offer material testing and laboratory services.

Geotechnical Services provided by Tryon now include:
• Sieve analysis
• Proctors – Soil and Granular
• Plasticity Index
• Nuclear Density Gauge Testing
• Concrete Mix design
• Concrete Testing

How will CCIL certification benefit Tryon’s residential and industrial customers?

CCIL certification will greatly reduce delays in approvals for large and small scale construction and other projects in the Peace region that require concrete and various soils. And it will fuel the regional economy rather than sourcing laboratory testing out of the region.

What we may not think about while driving on roads and highways, is that the materials, such as soil, coarse and fine aggregate that go into forming concrete, are rigorously tested to ensure the roadways and other concrete infrastructure will be safe and structurally sound, as well as environmentally sound. That’s where Tryon Engineers come in.

Specifically, Tryon Engineering is CCIL Certified in Category "0" Basic Certification Concrete Testing, Aggregate Quality Control Laboratory (Type C),and Type D Aggregate Certification.

1. Category "0" Basic Certification Concrete Testing includes the most common field procedures for sampling and testing plastic concrete, and measuring the compressive strength of concrete.

2. Aggregate Quality Control Laboratory (Type C) includes basic quality control testing of aggregate.

3. Type D Aggregate Certification is more advanced testing of such properties as abrasion and impact, relative density, impurities, soil characteristics, and freezing/thawing of concrete.

More About CCIL Certification

CCIL holds technicians seeking certification and independent laboratories to exceedingly high standards to ensure safety of the public and environment. Their national certification programs have developed over the past 25 years, and continue to evolve to respond to new responsibilities, challenges, technologies, and test procedures in the quality control/quality assurance testing industry.

CCIL members are independent of government, industry, manufacturers, or any other organizations that may influence testing outcomes, which enables companies such as Tryon Engineering to conduct testing and render reports objectively and without bias. CCIL certification is one more reason to trust in Tryon Professional Group, a company serving the Peace region since 1961.

Tryon engineers design and construct infrastructure to support local communities and regional development. They have expertise in the overall design, documentation, and construction supervision of projects. As members of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists in both BC and Alberta, they meet the highest professional standards in the industry.

Please contact Tryon Professional Group if your upcoming project would benefit from the professional services of Engineers and/or Land Surveyors who have the technical skills and innovative outlook to take on any challenge!